February 6, 2015

Pepsiman Full Version

Pepsiman is a Japanese video game  based on the marketing mascot of Pepsi called Pepsiman. The game is based on the Japanese Pepsi mascot who appeared in different commercials in Japan. In these he appeared where people were thirsty, quenched the people's thirst, then injured himself most of the time. The game more or less follows this series of events as you run along stages collecting Pepsi cans, while trying your best to avoid injury or public humiliation. The goal of every stage is to run along a set course, jumping or sliding out of harm's way and in the end reach a vending machine with... you guessed it! Pepsi of course!


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 System Requirements
- CPU Pentium III 600Mhz
- RAM 64MB
VGA 32MB Video Card
- HDD 10MB
- DX DirectX 8.0
- OS Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
- Use Game Booster to improve your gaming performance
- If needed use UltraISO or Daemon Tools to mount the game disc
- You need BitTorrent to download the torrent version
- Use Internet Download Manager to improve your regular download speed

Pepsiman Full Version

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Required system software to play the game ( Optional )
DirectX Update - Download
NET Framework Update - Download
Visual C++ 2008 SP1 - Download
Visual C++ 2010 SP1 - Download
Visual C++ 2012 - Download
Visual C++ 2013 - Download
Visual C++ 2015 - Download

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